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Hi! My name is Ruben. I’m a WordPress developer located in Southern California. I specialize in creating complex sites with completely custom themes, plugins, and functionality. This is a blog covering things I find interesting, especially WordPress Development. Hope you find it enjoyable.

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NASA Photo of the Day

Aurora Dome Sky

It seemed like night, but part of the sky glowed purple. It was the now famous night of May 10, 2024, when people over much of the world reported beautiful aurora-filled skies. The featured image was captured this night during early morning hours from Arlington, Wisconsin, USA. The panorama is a composite of several 6-second exposures covering two thirds of the visible sky, with north in the center, and processed to heighten the colors and remove electrical wires. The photographer (in the foreground) reported that the aurora appeared to flow from a point overhead but illuminated the sky only toward the north. The aurora's energetic particles originated from CMEs ejected from our Sun over sunspot AR 6443 a few days before. This large active region rotated to the far side of the Sun last week, but may well survive to rotate back toward the Earth next week.

WordPress Development

Web Code

Optimizing WordPress Image Scaling for a Better Performing Website

Discover the significance of precise image scaling in WordPress for improved web performance. Learn to create custom sizes and streamline the process with the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin for a seamless experience.

Wordpress Plugins

WP All Import: Simplify Your Website Data Management

WP All Import is a versatile WordPress plugin that simplifies the process of importing data into any website. Its user-friendly interface, ability to import various file formats, and support for different data sources make it an essential tool for website owners.

Web Styling

The Importance of Properly-Sized Images on Your WordPress Website

Serving properly sized images improves website speed, enhances user experience and mobile optimization. Resize before uploading, use optimization plugins and have a responsive design.

Web Code

JavaScript: Declaring Variables with “let” vs. “const”

In JavaScript, "let" declares a variable whose value can change, while "const" declares a variable that cannot be reassigned. Choose based on intended behavior and make code cleaner and more maintainable.

Other Topics

Audio Editing

Audio File Types: Which to Use for Podcasting and Why

What are some various popular audio file types, how are they different, and which ones are the best to use for podcasting? How should you record your podcast?

Audio Editing

Loudness: Making Podcast Audio Sound Consistent and Listenable

What is loudness, and why is it important in podcast audio?