UpdraftPlus – Website Backup and Migration Plugin

UpdraftPlus – Website Backup and Migration Plugin

What Is UpdraftPlus?

UpdraftPlus’ main backup controls.

UpdraftPlus is a WordPress plugin that makes it super simple to schedule automatic backups of your website. You can easily restore all or parts of the website from backups—for instance, maybe you’ve added or changed a plugin that broke your site, you can restore just the plugins to revert your site back to a working state. Same goes with themes, uploads, the database, or the WordPress core.

UpdraftPlus file selection for backup.

Backup Location Options

The plugin allows you to backup your files to a large variety of different locations. For the most part, I use my dropbox account for backups and it has worked flawlessly for me over the years.

UpdraftPlus’ remote backup locations.

Scheduling Automatic Backups

You can set the plugin to automatically generate backups of your files and database separately, and retain only a set number of backups so that your backup location never runs out of space.

The backup scheduler.

Site Migration

This plugin also makes it easy to migrate your site to another location. This is a premium feature, but well worth it as it makes the process very simple and very quick. I use it frequently to push updates from my local development environment to my live site and, in my years of using it, I can’t remember having any notable failures.

Site migration features.

If you’re looking for a plugin to do any of these tasks, give UpdraftPlus a try and see if it will meet your needs.

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